Friday, October 31, 2008

Cricket - no longer a Gentleman's game

For all those cricket followers it would be interesting that the Australian team is being challenged these days. The results speaks out. They haven't won the last four tests. That is not the result we see often in the last decade. Anyhow what makes India challenging the aussie. May be we can argue that its due to the send off of Warne and Mcgrath.

But the obvious reason behind the game is that, the opponents are starting to play aussie in their own way. Its aggressive and tough cricket. This unique way of playing the game is appriciatable provided aggression is within the limits.

Usually we find on field spat, sledging, footing and many more in different games, but not in cricket. That is why cricket is called gentleman's game. It seems now the tag of cricket is fading away. We remember the Sydney test last year which made to the headlines for various reasons. Not even an year has passed by, another verbal dual and suspension have come by the way.

The latest buzz is the biography "True Colors" of the great Australian wicket keeper Adam Gilchrist. Already Gilly had apologized to the little master for commenting on him. Now the new one is involving ganguly and Harbhajan, commenting they were chickened out in 2004 Nagpur test in fear of defeat.

If this culture goes on then cricket will no longer be a gentleman's game. Authorities concerned must inquire into this developing culture. Lets hope cricket to be played in the spirit of the game.


Vithya said...

Ironic..Gilchrist whom i thought was a perfect gentleman had so much to say!

His comments on warnie too, are that gentlemanly
guess, cricket too has adopted "survival of the fittest!"

nice post! :)
keep those coming

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