Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Exam postponed

Hi everyone. Its been very cool out here in the state of Tamil Nadu(South India). For a long time now the people of this part of India were looking for the sky Gods to show mercy. At last they had their desire fulfilled with the monsoon showers pelting heavy.

Today i had my semester exam and hence the night before i was very much dancing with my loads of books to the extent that even my friend was switching off the lights on insisting me to relax. Today morning we were starting to the exams all prepared to only read the headlines that the university exams are postponed. That was disquieting me. But my friend was all pumped up.Then we had a cool breakfast and joined with the hostel guys and had fun all the day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tough time going on...

Hello every one.
I am going through the though patch of my life. I am little away from blogging for the past few days and will be away till December since i am writing my semester exams. Keep looking around. Will be back with still more interesting posts next month.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hats of to a legend

The top headlines in the cricket column in all the papers in India is the retirement of the former cricket team captain Sourav Chandidas Ganguly. My nerves stars triggering as i spell the name Sourav. Its was his aggression that have transformed the look of this current Indian team. One may argue that he is not in the best of form of late. But that dose not matter for a legend. He has left nothing to prove to anyone. How can one forget his ton on debut, his roaring march in Australian fields, his unique leadership which took India to the world cup final. His job for the cricket of India is more than done. Now its up to these young lads to take over from these senior players. Hope India will march towards the image of invincible. We love you forever.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Journey with some purpose

Since I completed my high school in 2004, its been several times I made trips to Chennai(260km). I do remember the first time, I went for the admission of my bachelor degree to the management office of Crescent Engineering College. It was about 5AM i reached the capital city and the sun was coming out of its shell giving rise to a bright day. I was imagining of my future career too will be as bright as that day. God's grace i got admitted in the major I preferred.

The next trip was with my parents to get admitted in the campus hostel with all my luggage. I would pay all my life if i could get that day now.

In the next four years i have been to college in bus,car,train,van,lorry and even by bike. In all those trips if i think back and recollect my memories, I have been ecstatic, adventurous, happy, joyful, coward and even piled up with sadness. But I guess there had been no purpose in all those trips.

Now, being out of college with all my colleague distant to me, I have to go to college all alone. The reason behind is to appear for my exams(so called arrears). This trip is different to those before as I am being scanned by my parents, relations, society and even more. Here comes the purpose to finish off my degree. I believe I have been up to the expectation of my parents till date and hope to do even better in future. May God help me out in this purposeful trip.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Psychology- a look into it

Today we notice a number of branches developing in science. Right from the physical science to the technology up to date we have numerous branches of science.

The basic branches of science are
Natural science,
Formal science,
Social science and
Applied science.

From the above for major branches Psychology arises from Applied sciences. One hundred years ago, people viewed the workings of the human mind as a great mystery. An Austrian doctor named Sigmund Freud made sense of that mystery. He is called the Father of Psychiatry for his innovative ideas.

He researched the meaning of dreams,
How the unconscious mind works?
How the events in our past influence the actions we take?

He spent most of his life in Vienna. He believed that beneath our conscious mind is a submerged unconscious that governs much of our behaviour. Early in his career, Freud attracted intense hostility to his work, but gradually his ideas were accepted. In 1920, Freud developed a new theory that the mind is made up of three parts,
  • the id, which contains impulses,
  • the ego which represents reasoning and
  • the superego, the self critical idea.
In my point of view these psychiatrists should form a society and engage in social service. Today many a people get affected from stress, depression, loneliness etc. For instance, considering a college many students get deviated from their path. Its not because they go wrong intentionally rather the situations which affect them. Such a society will help many out of their problems. Lets hope that many a number of psychiatrists graduate in equal number of doctors and engineers, which will help reform this society.