Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Improved version of OS

Microsoft have unveiled its new version of operating system "WINDOWS 7". It is studied that this version of OS will be more user friendly than the previous version Vista, which claimed to have many attractive features than XP but failed to come high in the market. Usually the corporates were slow to switch from XP to vista as it had a lot of feedback.

Hopefully Microsoft has promised that their new version will hit the market sometime late next year. It has some new features like
  • Zoom in on an image by moving two fingers closer together - a technology first introduced to millions of users by Apple's iPhone.
  • A new taskbar aims to give more rapid access to files and programs, with each open window appearing as a graphic thumbnail.
  • HomeGroup, allowing users easy sharing of data across PCs and other devices in the home.
  • More support for devices such as cameras, printers, and mobile phones with a product called Device Stage offering a single window to manage tasks for each device.

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