Saturday, November 1, 2008

Psychology- a look into it

Today we notice a number of branches developing in science. Right from the physical science to the technology up to date we have numerous branches of science.

The basic branches of science are
Natural science,
Formal science,
Social science and
Applied science.

From the above for major branches Psychology arises from Applied sciences. One hundred years ago, people viewed the workings of the human mind as a great mystery. An Austrian doctor named Sigmund Freud made sense of that mystery. He is called the Father of Psychiatry for his innovative ideas.

He researched the meaning of dreams,
How the unconscious mind works?
How the events in our past influence the actions we take?

He spent most of his life in Vienna. He believed that beneath our conscious mind is a submerged unconscious that governs much of our behaviour. Early in his career, Freud attracted intense hostility to his work, but gradually his ideas were accepted. In 1920, Freud developed a new theory that the mind is made up of three parts,
  • the id, which contains impulses,
  • the ego which represents reasoning and
  • the superego, the self critical idea.
In my point of view these psychiatrists should form a society and engage in social service. Today many a people get affected from stress, depression, loneliness etc. For instance, considering a college many students get deviated from their path. Its not because they go wrong intentionally rather the situations which affect them. Such a society will help many out of their problems. Lets hope that many a number of psychiatrists graduate in equal number of doctors and engineers, which will help reform this society.