Sunday, January 11, 2009

Heart breaking news

"My son is very much fond of cakes. So I gave him 3 rupees and he bought a cake and was eating with utmost joy. Suddenly a deafening sound heard. We all were thrown away. I saw my son die in front of me and my baby fainted"

Those were the trembled voice of a poor widow in a makeshift market where a blast took place killing 5 people including Shahil, the poor son of the poor widow on the New year eve. Added to her woes, the baby requires a brain surgery since a ball bearing which was used for the cycle bomb pierced the baby's skull.

I was pouring in tears when I read through the above news. It is really hurting that many a disaster like this happen even in this modern world. After all this human creature is developing day by day but not their hunger for their neighbor's blood which is the behavior of ancient barbarians. I really condemn these people for their animal nature.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bye Bye(2008)*****Welcome(2009)

There is a proverb "Time once lost can never be got back".

We have come past the academic year 2008. The days of 2008 will never ever come in any of our life in future. But the memories of those days will surely come in font of our eyes. I had an equal number of good and bad days in 2008 for sure.

But those memories which are a bitter pill to swallow are still in my throat. One of those days is the day i left my college, the last exam of our last semester. Those moments were really hard to come across.

Along with 2008 i have missed many of my friends of my college. I am sure those funny days of 2008 will not return. But hope to meet those friend in my upcoming years.