Thursday, October 23, 2008

Perfect Solution

Hello everyone.
Its my pleasure to share my experience with you all. In my post named MISSION AHEAD i have mentioned about my past 3 years, in which i was lost from this world mentally. But where did i come back(mentally) to this world?

First of all the credit goes to ALLAH, who created these whole beings and controlling everything. As i completed my college i was puzzled about my future since there were arrears left behind to complete my bachelor degree. Suddenly an idea struck my mind to go in a religious trip. Its not like visiting holy places. Religious trip means JAMATH (going in the path of ALLAH, staying within mosques in various places and studying cum practicing Islam). By God's grace i started for 40 days. We were in Tarapuram, a town near Coimbatore. These were the days i started researching Islam.
What is said in it.?
How a muslim should lead his life?
Who is Prophet MOHAMMED(sallalagu alivasallam)?
What was his life style?

I was totally away from all my contacts. It was this loneliness that answered all the above questions. That was the perfect solution for my puzzle. I started understanding the meaning of the life, given to us by the Almighty. As days passed by, I was very much interested in extending my trip. I then went on to North India. Was there for nearly 40 days around parts of Delhi. Finally I returned to my native,Tamil Nadu last month.
I am afresh from my past bad memories and hope to do good in my future life. May ALLAH help me out in every step i take further.