Monday, November 3, 2008

Journey with some purpose

Since I completed my high school in 2004, its been several times I made trips to Chennai(260km). I do remember the first time, I went for the admission of my bachelor degree to the management office of Crescent Engineering College. It was about 5AM i reached the capital city and the sun was coming out of its shell giving rise to a bright day. I was imagining of my future career too will be as bright as that day. God's grace i got admitted in the major I preferred.

The next trip was with my parents to get admitted in the campus hostel with all my luggage. I would pay all my life if i could get that day now.

In the next four years i have been to college in bus,car,train,van,lorry and even by bike. In all those trips if i think back and recollect my memories, I have been ecstatic, adventurous, happy, joyful, coward and even piled up with sadness. But I guess there had been no purpose in all those trips.

Now, being out of college with all my colleague distant to me, I have to go to college all alone. The reason behind is to appear for my exams(so called arrears). This trip is different to those before as I am being scanned by my parents, relations, society and even more. Here comes the purpose to finish off my degree. I believe I have been up to the expectation of my parents till date and hope to do even better in future. May God help me out in this purposeful trip.

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sunny said...

goodluck buddy! God has a perfect plan for you!!!! just keep the faith and everything will be perfectly all right!!!!