Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unexpected Tragedy

Hi everyone. I am here very much distressed, cranky out of the incident that took place today.

In my previous post i mentioned about my exams postponed due to heavy rain in this part of the world. Today i was about to appear for that delayed exam.

As usual the sun God came out to split its light on those in this world but not on me. I woke up early morning before dawn and was going through my pages. I was out to the mosque to do my fazar(morning) prayer. Then came back and had coffee. Blown out of tiredness i rested in the sofa. May be it was a daffy idea, but i did not get to know at that instant. Later i woke up only to find that the clock ticked 9AM. Mind it, the exam will be started at 10AM and entry will be closed 30 minutes past. In the mean time i had to travel nearly 2 hrs to college.

I got into my bike which will take me in an hour. So i was safe to reach well before the closing time. But to my ill luck i had to get through a heavy traffic which was caused by a political rally which is an often caused nuisance in India. My brain was working like a computer and switched tracks to get through as soon as possible. But at a point i was blocked from proceeding anymore. I was told that the political party leader was about to cross and wait a 15 min. I could do nothing other than watch the bullshit pass front of me in an Audi.

The traffic got cleared of a sudden and my bike was at max speed. When i reached the parking lot in the college the clock ticked 10:40AM, ten minutes past closure time. I rushed to find the attendance marked absent. I kicked myself and my fate and returned to canteen.

Had a coffee and was waiting for my friends to finish the exam and to have a glance at the question paper. To my surprise i found three of my friends come to canteen. I wondered had they finished their exam. But was happy to hear that they too had a similar sort of experience.
All got pumped up as we had company to appear for the exam next semester. I can never forget this incident in my life.


Anonymous said...

happy Holiday!

Anonymous said...

added you in my blogroll.

Nanaybelen said...

rally sometimes is specially if they were fighting for good and not producing incovinience to anyone

Nanaybelen said...

rally sometimes is good

Rahulan said...

macha....enna exam miss pannitiya??? cha...very unfortunate...similar thing happened during my college life...a friend of mine came to a arrear exam at 1 thinking it was at 2...but it was in the morning.......
anyway vidu....do well in next sem...

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