Monday, July 7, 2008


What is Islam?

If the above question is put to an individual, the immediate reply will be that it is a religion. Here is where everyone goes wrong.

Islam is not a religion. Its the the way a human should live in this world. Islam is not only for muslims but to every single human born in this world. It frames a set of rules for everyone to lead their life.

Now the million dollar question is what will a human will benefit from living according to Islam?
The answer is quite simple. He will be victorious, not only in this world but also in the here after. According to Islam this human creation i created not for this world, but for the here after(life after death). Now the duty of every human is to prepare for his here after. Death is the bridge which connects this worldly life with the here after. In the here after to enter the most precious, priceless HEAVEN, one should live according to the order of the Almighty,ALLAH.